Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Why Not?

Lucille and Cho. Cho is with us for just three months while she studies at the Univeristy of Washington in peace and conflict studies. These two became fast friends. Cho is a wonderful young woman who brings a lot of playful joy to the house. She is so kind and thoughtful and we love her. I wish she could stay the whole year with us!

Lucille and I went to a wedding out at the Mukilteo Lighthouse. It was really beautiful. I only knew the bride and groom and Lucille and I sat at a table all by ourselves. We had the best time. There was lots of laughter and that was the first day of being a vegetarian for me. It's been over two weeks and I'm feeling great.


I wasn't going to blog this year about hosting Lucille, but then I decided, why not? It's good for me to process and also I think it's good for exchange students to have an historical record of their time with us. Lucille really does value her privacy so I think I will keep this blog very simple, with photos and events but leave out the nitty gritty. She's great at communicating so I don't think there will be much that she and I cannot resolve.

I feel really blessed to have this young lady in our home this year. The boys really adore her and she is incredibly sweet. We were just going to be a welcome family for her but we fell in love with her right away and she makes our home an even happier place with her bright smile and love of cooking. I'm looking forward to our time with her.

More to come!

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